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June 21, 2017

This is our first house in DC, We bought a detached single family house in the SE quadrant of the district, Anacostia, an up and coming and promising area right on the south side of the river.

Anacostia was originally home to the Nacotchtank Indians, who gave the neighborhood its name. It eventually became Uniontown, a suburb of Washington that housed workers at nearby military and manufacturing sites. By the 1960s, the neighborhood had become poor, overcrowded and lacking in services. The Anacostia Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, but the area’s decline continued into the 1980s and ’90s as drugs plagued the neighborhood.

But we are now in 2017, In the next few years, Anacostia could look quite different. Four Points, a developer that has been working in the area for years, has designed an ambitious six-block project that will begin with a couple of apartment buildings, including a large one with ground-floor retail.Meanwhile, a new Busboys and Poets restaurant is scheduled to open next year. And if the proposed 11th Street Bridge Park becomes reality, the pillars of the old bridge over the Anacostia River will be used to connect Anacostia to Capitol Hill with an innovative pedestrian area that has been compared to Manhattan’s extremely popular High Line.

font: Washington Post.

The house is a charming brick structure, overlooking the beautiful park of the Anacost


ia community museum, The only Smithsonian Museum outside the national mall.

The house has 2 floors and 1 unfinished basement.

Very old interior and not so big rooms.

The only bathroom in the house was extremely small.

 After  we purchase the house, We had several meetings that we held with the porpoise to come up with a better design that would bring this house to a modern living standard with open plan layout and a more interesting and enlarge bathroom with direct access  from the master bedroom in which we were able to add a walk in closet.

We added a bedroom and a full bath in the basement and we manage to fit a storage with a little laundry room as well a technical room in the basement.


 The Demo work was pretty smooth, however we found some unespected issues that we need to take care of.

The floor joist under the bathroom where rotting, we decided to go head and replace all the ones that needed to be replaced.


 Week-2-4_Carpentry-Plumbing Electric.

We started carpentry from the second level down, In this way we gave the plumber the chance to work on replacing the old ventilation pipe with new PVC 3" diameter for both of the bathrooms. Right after we start working on the drain system and we run to a stop. After breaking the 4"-5" concrete slab in the basement, we decide to introduce a drain system that could guide unwanted water in a sub-pump to be evacuated out of the house.


We successfully pass the ground inspection from DCRA!


It was quite a mess for almost 2 weeks.

After this time the rest of the trade were able to re-enter the basement and finish the frame and the electric.

Water supply was then brought up to the kitchen and to the bathroom at the second level.

We pass the second inspection and the insulation was installed right after.

The inspector needed to come one more time to check that the proper R-Value was put in the right place.

R-49 for the roof/attic.

R-30 for the exterior wall.

We proceed to hang sheet rock and finally the house is starting to look good.


For the Kitchen, we come back to the drawing board and model the component in 3D. We tried to optimize a design to fit a slick kitchen in the space we had.

We pay particular attention in maximizing the storage space while try to leave a sense of openness for the room.

We wanted an island and we were able to place one to divide the kitchen from the dining area. 

Look at the 3D model here 


 The House finally is looking more like a finish product and we are in the final stretch of our effort.

Week-12-13_Basement and exterior yard.

The color of our choice is a simple but powerful palette that will bring together the dark floor and the lightness of the space in a very elegant contrast.

The color of the wall is a pale blue like an ice tone that is break by the white color of the trim and the cabinet.

We will focus these weeks in finishing the basement and start the beautification work in the exterior yard.



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